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Isola di Villapendola, Silea

If you love hiking…or even strolling with someone and you are in the Province of Treviso…the walk around this little island was really refreshing not only for the mind but also a good and easy exercise for the body. The walk is called “Giro dell’isola di Villapendola”.

A map from the book “Guida Del Parco del fiume Sile“
Il Fiume Sile
“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” – Native American proverb
Lago Verde and a cup of Italian “caffè macchiato” – a reward after 2.5 km of pleasant walking…

Life is a journey and sometimes… the best things are free. Nature is free. Let us all take care of it! Be environment conscious 😊

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A yellow rose

A yellow rose

A day about to end

Touchable, soft and delicate

Light before sunset…

Thank you for dropping by. Good evening…

Good morning

The early rays of the sun

It brings light and warmth

A joy to another new day of opportunities and experiences…

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Iris Hollandica