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Eremo di San Gallo, Farra di Soligo (TV)

Hello everyone! Yesterday was just the perfect day to visit one of the most famous attractions found in the city of Farra di Soligo in the province of Treviso, Veneto, Italy. The walk to the “Eremo di San Gallo” was not only interesting but also a way to learn something about this city in the province of Treviso. The following are some pictures taken during the walk…Oh! the path that we decided to take was not really an easy one but it was wonderful to walk in the midst of vineyards and it was a chance to hear the “silence” of nature.

Chiesa dei Santi Pietro e Paolo
after we visited the church, we then took the path on the left…
of course you need good trekking shoes but we still made it with a good pair of shoes for running…
Farra di Soligo
A Peach tree
finally…”Eremo di San Gallo”
“a paraglider alone with his thoughts” Parapendio – Paragliding
A sunny day, vineyards, Farra di Soligo and a paraglider
We decided to take this path instead of the easier way which is by a narrow road that leads to the Eremo…
A rose that we saw along the way…

Thankful for the opportunity to see one of nature’s amazing gifts…Pure beauty.

Wishing everyone a pleasant week. Thanks for dropping by.

Gardening 2021

A small space, a project and days spent researching on how to make a 30 square meters area productive with less effort. Thanks to some persons who shared their experiences through Youtube or through their blogs, we were able to find the answer to our questions and grateful for last year’s good harvest. This year…

I find raised beds and companion planting very useful for my project.


It’s impossible to take a picture of the delicate perfume of the Iris flower. 🤔

The flower means wisdom, faith, hope and valor.

Symbolic meaning…”I have a message for you”.

(Information taken from the internet). The flower is so beautiful and delicate for me it symbolizes and means… perfection. A message of love.

Wishing everyone a pleasant and fruitful week. Thank you for dropping by.

Colza – Brassica napus


A colorful season

Farmers busy preparing the fields for planting

Trees with their sprouts


Sile river…
The variety of hues

The silence only the song of the birds dared to disrupt

Satisfied a hungry soul

Wanting for peace and harmony

All for free…

Thanks for dropping by. Have a wonderful day!