A view from the plane

The first time I saw the vast copper colored plains of Nevada and Arizona I thought of how breathtaking nature can be. While I am seeing this wonder through a window of a plane and feeling so lucky and awed by such beauty, I thought, how would a bird feel looking directly at such beauty?

Las Vegas


Beef stew…

It’s been a time since I thought of putting all the recipes learned from friends and families and from persons that I had the chance to meet during my trips to some places and countries in just one book. Honestly, this thought keeps me wondering if someday (though I am confident that I will! Even if I will have to wait…). So for the meantime, I am reviewing my recipes and today I made this beef stew, one of the first recipes learned from someone here in Italy plus my “touch”. Sorry if the photo is not taken by expert hands but for me, this recipe is really good and easy to prepare. This is the recipe:


1 kilo beef cubes

3 carrots

1 big onion, sliced in rings

4 stalks celery, cut in 1 1/4 cm

1 1/2 cup tomato sauce

250 grams “champignon” mushrooms (washed and sliced) – optional ingredient

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup red wine

1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary

3 dried laurel leaves

1 teaspoon seasoning powder or 1Knorr cube

1/2 cup corn oil

Saute oil, onion rings and meat for 20 minutes – medium fire

Add the vegetables + mushrooms ( optional)

After 5 minutes, add tomato sauce

Add water

Add salt and pepper

Add seasoning powder

Add wine + mix all well.

Cook in the pressure cooker for 45 minutes ( start counting from the moment you lower the flame – after the first major whistle) – just follow the instructions of the Pressure cooker. Oh! I think you can use another kind of cooking pan but you have to double the cooking time.

Bohol, Philippines

Though these photos do not really represent the city, but for me they express the essence of this Island . Beauty, tranquillity, simple but profound and most of all it has left me with the thought and hope that I could visit it again someday and still see and feel that special joy that only the essence of tradition and nature can bring. Have a pleasant day to all!

The so called ” Chocolate hills of Bohol”

Tarsier – one the smallest primates in the world. The second smallest primate?

Stairs leading to a view deck – I guess the simplest, though not so easy way to view the famous Chocolate hills of Bohol

A hanging bridge

Motorcabs – a typical means of transportation in the Philippines.

13 fruits

Hello everyone!!! Since we are still waiting here in Italy to say goodbye to the year 2017, I just wanted to share with you my thoughts about events of this year who brought me 3 very special gifts:

One is the gift of family – to be able to see the bond in spite of distance and being unique individuals

Second is the gift of being able to share joy – I realize that instead of drinking alone a bottle of wine, I can share it with others and make them feel that they matter. But this is not only for wine but for any other thing that I have, I did find a special joy knowing that I am not the only one who is happy. I cannot change the world but better changing something than nothing!

Third is the gift wisdom – I mean, being more patient, more understanding and more loving. Oh, I did realize that the art of loving is not that easy and not impossible to learn.

Wishing everyone a joyful and prosperous Year 2018!!!

Year 2017 brought me very special gifts.. Every year I prepare a fruit basket with 13 fruits as a family tradition to wish the family good luck for the coming year. This year’s fruit basket is like this:

Pineapple, mango, papaya,Lychees, apples, kiwi, Cantaloupe, passion fruit, avocado, grapes, pomegranates, mandarin, pears ☺️

Christmas market

I guess most of the people living here in the north of Italy knows about the very famous Christmas market held in almost every town here in Italy but the most famous ones can be visited in the towns in the region of Trentino Alto Adige, Italy. This time, we decided to visit the Christmas market in the typical town of Brunico and though we have been coming here for so many years already, it can still evoke happy memories of bygone days. Thanks to those who, with their effort, continues to keep this beautiful tradition alive. Oops! It’s in this season of joy that I can truly remember the value of friendship and family. Wishing one and all a Joyful and love filled Christmas!!!

Brunico, Alto Adige, Italy

Lake Braies, Alto Adige, Italy at this time of the year

Brunico’s super Advent calendar.

One more day…