Springfires Blog

Coffee please…

Brewed, a very popular beverage served with a little dark chocolate heart…

A special season or an ordinary day

A cup of hot coffee with very special persons

Is a moment forever treasured in my chest of golden memories.

Happy Holidays everyone! ❤️🎄🎶

A gloomy day…

It is on a day like this that I need to create the sun

To fill my thoughts with happy moments shared with love ones

It is on a day like this that I need to draw a rainbow

To see the colors of hope and joy

It is on a day like this that I need to imagine a bare field in winter

Covered with flowers of yellow, white, red and blue

A smile, a hug and a hopeful thought

A gloomy day can sometimes be

A wonderful world…often only the inner eye and imagination can see.

Ponte di Castelvecchio, Verona, Italy

Thank you for dropping by. Have a nice day!

Christmas time

I would like to think of this season

Moments filled with hope and awe

While as a little child

I counted the days before Christmas

While I played and listened to Christmas carols with siblings and friends

I think of Christmas of special delicacies and exchanging gifts

It is the magic of this season that brings a rainbow of emotions

Sometimes I would recall all those past Christmas times

Gather once again those heartwarming memories to make once again… this Christmas a special one!

Handmade crochet squares…like life, a series of experiences…

Wishing everyone a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. 😘🎄