Springfires Blog


Before I sleep

I thought of

A tranquil night

A calm lake

Of reflected colored lights

A beautiful night.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Thank you for dropping by. Goodnight.

A New Year

It’s a long way to the end

To wake up to new opportunities

Armed with hope, love, peace and cheer

No cloudy or uncertainties I fear

Jesolo beach
Gondoliers…wishing “Buon Anno”. From Jesolo to Venice

Sometimes, even in a very cold day of winter, a flower dares to bloom, adding color and beauty to all the gloom.

Thank you for dropping by. Have a wonderful day!

Goodbye 2022

HELLO 2023!

Every year brings

A bagful of opportunities and experiences

Smiles and some tears.

A New Year means

The unknown challenges

But I have a bagful of Hope, Love, Peace and wonder…

I wish everyone A New Year filled with Love, Joy and Peace.

13 fruits to wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023!

A basket with 13 fruits is a tradition which my mom always prepare before New Year. I am not so sure though if it’s a Filipino tradition 🤔. Years have passed and I still prepare this basket of fruits, not only for luck but to reminisce in a way those bygone moments spent with my family.

Thank you for dropping by. Have a wonderful New year!