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Happy Easter

Colored eggs a fun and easy craft for kids for Easter. All you need is:
Half glass of water (for each color), a tablespoon of vinegar, and food coloring for each glass: red and yellow makes orange; blue and yellow makes green and red and blue makes purple. The result is…
Unfortunately I didn’t have enough blue and yellow to make a purple colored egg

A tradition here in the Veneto region is to eat the typical Easter bread called “Fugassa veneta” during the Easter season.

Fugassa veneta – although the preparation of this Easter delicacy takes time, passion and energy but all the effort is really worth it.

Easter Monday is usually spent to go out for a picnic with family, relatives and friends or to spend it visiting a city or a country.

Ayala center, Cebu, Philippines 2019

“Life is a journey, not a destination” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Have a nice day

Parco Sant’Artemio, Treviso (TV), Italy
One of the joys of spring…

Smile…be happy.

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