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After pruning my plants in the vegetable garden yesterday, taking advantage of a very windy afternoon (no mosquitoes!), I was able to clean two plots out of 4 but I earned a sore eye! So today, I was really not so inspired to go somewhere (Oh! before I forget, thanks for some slices of a cucumber from my veggie garden, I was able to ease the discomfort of a sore eye!). I just can’t let a day pass without doing something positive, so, I got my Nikon D5200 and told myself to have a small walk around the city of Treviso.

  1. I thought of taking a picture of a zinnia and a gerbera

2. A picture of a “datterino” tomato

3. A short walk in the city of Treviso

Riviera Santa Margherita, Treviso
zona “Pescheria”
Ponte San Martino e Centrale idroelettrica, Treviso
zona “Buranelli”, Treviso

4. A succulent

Time flies

Each day I gather memories

Knowing that every second, minute and hour gone is a past

I hope to remember with joy and love.

Thank you for dropping by. Have a nice day!

Have a nice day!

The sea

Cavallino Treporti, Jesolo (VE), Italy

The sun

The breeze gently caressing the skin

The waves against the shore


Thanks for dropping by.

Rifugio Lagazuoi, Italy

Hello everyone!

A sunny day, trail n. 402, the right spirit and good company…These were the right ingredients for a perfect walk to once again (third time!) see this wonderful alpine refuge.

Rifugio Lagazuoi, 2752 m altitude – the highest and largest mountain hut in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy
Falzarego pass – Passo Falzarego (Veneto, Italy)
Sentiero 402
Tofana di Rozes
View from Rifugio Lagazuoi at an altitude of 2752 m
Physoplexis comosa – Raponzolo di roccia

I have dreamed of you

A rare alpine flower

I was in awe

The privilege

Nature never fails to amaze me.

Life is a journey. This trail is one of the longest, a little bit challenging but the load of spiritual energy it gave me was really worth the effort.

Thank you for dropping by.