Cornfield in winter
Moss on a wall

A short walk… an ancient path “le canope”… free gifts of nature

This path is found in the town of Paese in the province of Treviso, Veneto, Italy. It is a 4-5 km walk. This trail is a circular. Now that we are in semi lockdown here in our town (we need an autocertificazione to move from one town to another), this path is a true blessing for those living near this famous (for the residents) trail. For me, a way to exercise and to savor the free gifts of nature.

Happy Sunday to all!

Mountain trails, Lakes and Refuges

My special list…

1. Rifugio Palmieri, Croda da Lago, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Lago di Federa (Federa Lake)

2. Rifugio Vandelli, Cortina d’Ampezzo (Belluno), Italy

Lago di Sorapis (Sorapis Lake)

3. Rifugio Vajolet, Val di Fassa, Italy

4. Rifugio Scarpa, Voltago Agordino (Belluno), Italy

5. Rifugio Vallaccia, Val di Fassa, Italy


6. Rifugio Coldai, Val di Zoldo (Belluno), Italy

Lago Codai (Coldai Lake)

7. Rifugio Locatelli, Sesto (Bolzano), Italy

Laghi dei Piani (Piani Lakes)

8. Rifugio F. Cavazza al Pisciadù, Corvara in Badia, Italy

Lake Pisciadù

Hiking is something that I have always considered as one of the best ways to invest time. It means exercise, breathing fresh air and a very fascinating way to learn something more about nature.

“I have walked in age old trails

Savored the chilly mountain air

Gazed with awe at the bright colors of flowers against a backdrop of dolomite rocks

I have learned to walk in narrow and dangerous mountain paths

I reached my goal…

To behold nature and a welcoming Alpine Refuge.” Afs

Clematis alpina

Thank you for dropping by. Have a wonderful day!