Hello everyone!

Christmas season is at the door and all I could think of are those days when we were all busy preparing everything for Christmas Day. Such wonderful and heartwarming memories!

Family, friends, making Christmas crafts, goodies found only during this season and the so called “Holiday cheer”!

After gathering a lot of greens and foliage from our garden (one of the good things about having a garden), I started preparing this year’s Advent wreath and …

Materials needed:



Greens, foliage, fir tree foliage, spices


Glue gun

Oasis floral foam soaked in water for 24 hours

A red ribbon (recycled)

Floral wire

Baskets (recycled)

Advent wreath 2021 (Hope, Love Joy and Peace)
A small basket decorated with greens, berries of pyracantha, Evonimo, laurel leaf and fir leaves…

It is possible to create crafts for this holiday season just by gathering foliage, greens, moss, branches with berries and twigs from the garden.

Holly – Agrifoglio variegato” in italian

A holly branch to brighten your day.

Thanks for dropping by. Have a pleasant week ahead.

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