A day in Venice

The city never fails to surprise me.

  1. “Stazione Santa Lucia” – The Santa Lucia train station

2. “Lo Squero di San Trovaso” – A view of the boatyard where they repair, create and build the sleek and elegant gondolas that we love and know.

3. Palazzo Tetta, Venice – a building surrounded on three sides by the water of three canals: Rio Santa Marina, Rio San Giovanni and Rio de la Tetta

4. A delicious “Spaghetti al nero di seppia”- Spaghetti with cuttlefish ink, a typical dish in Venice

5. “Ponte di chiodo”, Cannareggio – a small bridge with no parapet

6. A canal in Venice

7. “Mercato galleggiante, Rio di San Barnaba” – Floating market, Rio San Barnaba

8. A boat

9. “La Porta blu”, Ruga Giuffa e Fondamenta San Severo – one of the most photographed doors in Venice. The door is not the end of the small alley “Calle” because there is another small alley to the left.

10. Hanging plants

For me, Venice is like reading a never ending story. After all these years, it never fails to surprise me. Life is a journey.

Thank you for dropping by. Have a wonderful week. 🌈😊

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