After pruning my plants in the vegetable garden yesterday, taking advantage of a very windy afternoon (no mosquitoes!), I was able to clean two plots out of 4 but I earned a sore eye! So today, I was really not so inspired to go somewhere (Oh! before I forget, thanks for some slices of a cucumber from my veggie garden, I was able to ease the discomfort of a sore eye!). I just can’t let a day pass without doing something positive, so, I got my Nikon D5200 and told myself to have a small walk around the city of Treviso.

  1. I thought of taking a picture of a zinnia and a gerbera

2. A picture of a “datterino” tomato

3. A short walk in the city of Treviso

Riviera Santa Margherita, Treviso
zona “Pescheria”
Ponte San Martino e Centrale idroelettrica, Treviso
zona “Buranelli”, Treviso

4. A succulent

Time flies

Each day I gather memories

Knowing that every second, minute and hour gone is a past

I hope to remember with joy and love.

Thank you for dropping by. Have a nice day!

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