Gardening 2021

A small space, a project and days spent researching on how to make a 30 square meters area productive with less effort. Thanks to some persons who shared their experiences through Youtube or through their blogs, we were able to find the answer to our questions and grateful for last year’s good harvest. This year…

I find raised beds and companion planting very useful for my project.


It’s impossible to take a picture of the delicate perfume of the Iris flower. 🤔

The flower means wisdom, faith, hope and valor.

Symbolic meaning…”I have a message for you”.

(Information taken from the internet). The flower is so beautiful and delicate for me it symbolizes and means… perfection. A message of love.

Wishing everyone a pleasant and fruitful week. Thank you for dropping by.

2 Comments on “Gardening 2021

  1. Hello Gigs, kamusta na man mo diha ? I hope  you guys are doing Okay .. I am feeling nostalgic seeing your garden reminds me of our last visit . Although at this moment I don’t think it is practical to travel unless it is essential. By the way I got my vaccinations and hopefully the case of COVID will subside and we all can go back to normal.  What about you guys? . I might be visiting home if possible for Christmas. Anyway have a good night and please say hello also to Franco . Amping mo diha and God bless  Best regard Bryndis ♥️

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    • Hello! We are all ok. Thanks. I hope you and family are all doing well too! Thanks for dropping by. Take care😘


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