Pane di segale “Vinschger”

When they say “there is more to it than what you see”.

The way Sigrid makes this traditional bread and how she explains the procedure to make it seems easier than it is. She prepares the sourdough 3 days before and on the fourth day, she adds these ingredients:

All purpose flour

Rye flour

a pinch of salt

olive oil



fennel seeds

cumin seeds

Trigonella foenum-graecum L. (fenugreek)

Anise seeds

A lot of passion for tradition and baking

Although I have learned in some way how to make this traditional bread, in the end, I realized that I learned how to make it out of my passion for cooking but most of all, to capture the essence of tradition. Can a picture taken by a photography neophyte able to render the spirit of tradition?

A typical outdoor wood oven.
A variety of Delphinium

A guide once said, “Temperature affects color, often we can see more vivid colors of the same flower in cool northern gardens than in hot summer ones”.

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