The Sile river, Quinto di Treviso (TV)

What really fascinates me about this river is that it begins from a groundwater spring in the area of Albaredo, Casacorba and Cavasagra in the municipality of Vedelago, in the province of Treviso ( Veneto region, Italy) it passes through the towns of Morgano (TV) – Quinto di Treviso (TV) – Treviso (TV) – Silea (TV) – Casier (TV), Casale sul Sile (TV), Quarto d’Altino (VE). How a groundwater spring can create amazing sceneries, provide one of the primary elements of creating a natural habitat for the flora and fauna and for persons like me, a respite for the spirit.

The day was warm and sunny…a promise of spring.

Reflections in the water

the river like a mirror

of beauty and serenity

A throne made of grass

the wide green leaves of water lilies

Have you ever seen a trout farm?

The reflection of the sun in the water.

I wish for my thoughts to be as calm and peaceful like this river

My heart as warm as the rays of the sun

My thoughts filled with hope and faith

I dream of spring and realize that it is about to knock at the door…


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