Val Venegia, (TN), Italy

The day was sunny enough for a walk and to think about having lunch in a very nice and cosy alpine hut for pasture/a place to eat a kind of cheese called “Tosella” made out of the milk from the cows (75) owned by the family renting this “Malga” or to eat some of the typical foods served only in the mountain – although you can also prepare the same recipe at home but strangely, the same food just don’t taste the same!

So after a pleasant walk from the reserved space for parking (an easy walk – 1 hour and 30 minutes, probably my steps were slow due to my need to just breath in the beauty of this truly amazing valley!)… Finally the bridge – at the end of the curve…

” Malga Venegiota”-

The most heartwarming part about this walk was the sight of the beauty of nature (a luxury for those living in the city!) – the sound of the rushing water in the stream filled with water after the heavy rain of the past days, the bright colors of alpine flowers and the color of the dolomite rock of the “Pale di San Martino” – a mountain range in the Dolomites and the dairy cows pasturing and ringing the big bells hanged around their necks making the atmosphere festive.

The flowers and the brightly colored mushrooms seen along the way…
Genziana Verna
Carlina bianca – Carlina Acaulis
These mushrooms were so beautiful I just can’t stop myself from taking pictures of them. Can this be the different growth stages of only one kind of mushroom? Oh! I didn’t get them because aside from not an expert in identifying a comestible from a non comestible mushroom, the picking of mushrooms in this part of the mountain is regulated (a permit is needed to gather it/them).
Oh! after a course about how to identify comestible and non comestible mushrooms and that toxic mushrooms can mutate and grow together with the comestible ones…I decided to buy it from a qualified grocery store. Better be safe than sorry… 😉

I never thought that a flowing stream could produce art…or so it seemed to me.

and a line could bring my eyes towards…

and the same view could be perceived in color or in black and white and still have meaning to it?

Life is a journey.

Often, the most profound meanings of things are explained through silence. AFS

Thank you for dropping by…

Have a wonderful day!