A tulip

I thought that it was too late to plant it

I thought it was, yet I  still buried the bulb in January

And now, It’s telling me

Sometimes a last moment is not final

I grasp the last possible moment

And found myself looking at this delicate flower.



ISO 100   –  140mm – f/8  –  1/125s


ISO 100  – 140mm  – f/8  –  1/250s (post production – still learning…)

Oh! this flower reminds me of the beautiful bedtime story “Thumbelina”.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day!


2 thoughts on “A tulip”

    1. Hello! Thumbellina =. Pollicina in Italian, is one of those beautiful bedtime stories that can still evoke a dreamy light in my eyes. Stay safe, stay healthy and thanks for dropping by!


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