“Limonsito” Calamondin – Citrofortunella microcarpa

After 27 years, in a Villa found in the Province of Treviso, I finally found someone who has this plant in his garden. I was really surprised to know that this plant can also be grown here in Italy. So, I decided to go and look for it in one of the plant nurseries here in the Province of Treviso and I was lucky to find it. And the plant nursery owner was so surprised that I wanted to buy this lemon shrub. So I told her that in the Philippines, we use to make a drink called “calamansi juice” which is the Filipino version of Italy’s “limonata”. I was really amused to see that on the plant’s tag, aside from the plant’s scientific name another indication was added ” limone da bellezza”…without knowing that this plant is not only ornamental but it’s fruits can also be used to prepare excellent lemonades, the extract can be used to treat itching and insect bites and I remember that when I was still living in the Philippines, my mom used to let me drink “calamansi juice” to loosen the phlegm during times when I had cough. This is how to prepare Calamansi Juice:

8 green Calamondin fruits, cut in half
Sugar to taste. I usually drink this juice adding 1 teaspoon of sugar
1 cup of cold or hot water. Hot during the cold season and cold during summer

To separate the seeds from the juice, use a strainer or sieve
Add strained juice to the cup of water and then add sugar

Happy drinking!!!

* Some say that it is better to drink this juice before breakfast but I think that this juice is good any time of the day.


After 5 years….

Enough to make 2 to 3 glasses of “Kalamansi” juice.

It’s not easy to grow this citrus tree in Italy. Unfortunately I cannot plant this tree on the ground but in a clay pot and keep it protected during winter. I am really happy that after all these years, with a climate such as what we have here in Italy, it is still alive and this year, it really gave me enough fruits so I could make this special drink which really evokes in me a lot of beautiful memories with friends and family in the Philippines.

Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend!

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